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In a recent article in Strategy+Business, based on Booz Allen Hamilton’s annual study of chief executive turnover, CEO departures have reached record levels:

“Global turnover of CEOs set another record in 2005, with more than one in seven of the world’s largest companies making a change in leadership ... In 2005, North America experienced a record level of performance-related turnover, with 35 percent of all departing CEOs forced out. ”

These are grim statistics. Investing in a new CEO represents a substantial cost for a company, as well as the stockholders, that can run into the millions of dollars, and a corporation should pursue every avenue available to make sure that the executive they are hiring is the best candidate for the job. In today's world, the usual business of executive screening is just not enough.

ISI has a unique program for finding the person who is willing to give 110 percent for the company. There is no 'I' in team, and the best executive will be the one looking out for the interests of the corporation, and the stockholders, and not their own selfish desires. A corporation seeks someone who cares more about their people than themselves, and we can assist in accomplishing that objective.

What works on the battlefield works in the boardroom. We have a unique screening process, carefully and systematically designed by senior seasoned military trainers, that will identify the right leaders. How do people respond to extreme pressure? We can get to the core of a person's value system -- something that does not come across on resumes and in interviews. Our process can be completed in a relatively short period of time. The corporation owes it to the entire organization to make sure that the right candidate, who values teamwork and selfless dedication over personal gain, is chosen.

The strategies developed in the military are applicable in the business world. A good leader puts the organization's objectives before their own personal desires. ISI offers Leadership Training that goes far beyond the traditional methods. We can effectively customize our training for individuals or small groups depending on the requirements of the situation.

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