Worldwide Services ISI provides comprehensive and fully customized security solutions anywhere in the world. We treat every situation as a unique problem requiring a unique solution. We will identify the problem, do a complete analysis, and then come up with a custom solution that works right from the first time. Why? Because it must work right the first time. You do not have the luxury of second chances, and our integrity rests with providing results.

Failure is NOT an option!

Where there is a perceived forced entry, ballistic or physical threat, or the possibility of terrorism, ISI will design and create a counter to that threat and provide a safe environment for you, your employees and your customers.

Global Response We are actively engaged on a global basis. We have provided solutions to clients in places such as Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Argentina, France, Russia, Romania, all over Europe, throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and here in the United States as well. We can be there, where you need us, in a matter of hours, to respond to any problem anywhere in the world.

Do you feel safe right now? Is your company protected from the ever growing variety of threats? Are your assets secure? Will your loved ones sleep tonight free from the worry of harm? There is no promise of safety in any environment in these violent times. Kidnappings, assaults, fraud and espionage are a part of everyday life, in the corporate as well as the personal worlds in which we live.

Fear, apprehension and anxiety are our constant companions. But there is an answer to the challenges that a dangerous world presents, and a reliable place you can turn to for help with your security needs. You have a partner in this time of uncertainty: International Security, Inc.


Global Response

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